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Who is the most popular ASMR artist (or ASMRtist)? That is the question that’s on the mind of many ASMR-enthusiasts, including us. We set to find this out once and for good. Check our interactive chart below! It is always up-to-date and answers your question with data, not just guessing! It features the top 10 most searched ASMR artists and their popularity to this day from the last five years. We will keep this list live and up to date, adding new super-trending artists as they gather enough search volume to surpass someone in the top 10. Please feel free and play around with the chart – when you hover over (or tap on mobile) an artist’s trendline you can see their trend number on the given date.


Source: Google Trends (

The scale is not only in the United States, but the whole world. We can see that Tingting has a huge lead (day of writing 09/23/20) to the second most trending artist, Cherry Crush. This data is updated every day, so we will always be up to date on who’s leading the global ASMR searches. Pretty cool, huh!

Tingting is undisputably #1, but for the second most searched artist the competition is tough. The artists’ are neck-to-neck and we can see wild competition in popularity between Cherry Crush, Gibi, SAS (who has been trending down lately) and Zeitgeist. Will any of these contenders be able to tople Tingting in the coming months?

Below, we have more granular data on these top 10 ASMRtists. Each of them has their own unique angle, and despite some artists garnering an enormous following of sleepy-eyed happy listeners it is quite delicate and subjective what specific voice and style works for each listener. Some go for a more ‘pop’ approach while others push onto niches in their quest for tingles.  You can find the exact number of YouTube subscribers, views etc. and you can also go check out their channel on YouTube. Hope you find our data helpful!

ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling

  • Subscribers: 2.5M
  • Views: 520M
  • Videos: +200
  • From: United States


  • Subscribers: 2.6M
  • Views: 835M
  • Videos: +550
  • From: United States


  • Subscribers: 1.2M
  • Views: 267M
  • Videos: +300
  • From: United States


  • Subscribers: 8.6M
  • Views: 2000M
  • Videos: +950
  • From: Canada
Pelagea ASMR

Pelagea ASMR

  • Subscribers: 980K
  • Views: 230M
  • Videos: +100
  • From: Germany


  • Subscribers: 2.2M
  • Views: 520M
  • Videos: +400
  • From: South Korea
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