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One of the more bizarre offshoots of the ASMR family are slime related videos. That’s right, slime! People get an ASMR reaction from watching an entertainer playing with… goo.

Satisfying ASMR slime videos

These videos feature a person playing with goo, which is messy yet creates the ever-so-soothing ASMR effect. It is the stretching and compressing through fingers and making a sound that, combined with the physical motion, creates an ASMR effect. But why? It it speculated that slime ASMR has its roots strongly set in early childhood: Who didn’t enjoy playing with mud and the sort, which lives deeply in a person’s mind and may be tapped by viewing an ASMR video. Anyhow, be it this or that, it still is a certainty that playing with slime has a high chance of triggering the ASMR effect.

Slime ASMR has surged in popularity during the past years. There is even an international slime ASMR event held in London called the “London Slime & ASMR Festival (, which features some of the top slime ASMR performers and an assortment of different activities for slime ASMR enthusiasts. So, you not only get to experience your favorite artists live, but you get to play with slime in all its forms!

If slime ASMR does not seem appealing to you, please take a look at our other top ASMR picks. Browse at your leisure and find the right ASMR just for you!

Top slime ASMR videos

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular slime ASMR videos.

If you’re new to slime ASMR, we recommend that you take a look at the Youtube channel Slime ASMR Videos – this channel features a lot of different ways of handling slime, and you’ll be certain to find something that triggers your ASMR. However, if you’re experienced with ASMR, you might still find something new to tickle your fancy. Go take a look!

Slime ASMR Videos: The Most Satisfying Crunchy Slime ASMR Videos 2019

Next up is Joseph Antonii, who is a strictly, down-to-business slime ASMRtist. His videos feature slime mixed with various assortment of other stuff, such as beads or pearls. His base is at 351k subscribers, but it is an ever-growing channel. Go get your ASMR on!

Joseph Antonii: Giant Slime Smoothie!

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