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Probably the most commonly used trigger, present in almost every ASMR video, is gentle and calm whispering. It is the tone of voice for nearly all ASMR artists for all their talk.

Gentle whispers for relaxation

Whispering is a natural ASMR trigger you may have been subject to unintentionally, even long before ASMR earned its name. Whispering is also a means of verbal communication, which is probably why it is so commonly used as a trigger. ASMR artists talk in almost all of their videos, so why not include a trigger in the talk?

Whispered ASMR

In addition to just talking by means of whispering, whispering is also used as a trigger itself. Whispering is used as trigger in many ways, but the most common are quiet or gentle whispers, repetitive whispers and inaudible or unintelligible whispers.

Inaudible and unintelligible whispers are intended so that the listener cannot distinguish or understand the words being whispered. It can be achieved by either whispering very quietly or simply whispering made up or foreign words. This functions in two ways in relaxing you. Firstly, the unintelligible whispers as sounds are audial triggers themselves. Secondly, when you hear the whispered gibberish as words but you cannot quite hear or understand them, your mind naturally focuses on listening closer trying to make sense of it, clearing your head of other thoughts and driving you towards a fluffy meditative state.

Another way to achieve a similar effect as inaudible and unintelligible whispers is repetition. By repeating a word the ASMR artists strip the word of its meaning, transforming it to a mere sound to focus on.

Many consider gentle soothing whispering the most effective ASMR trigger for making you sleepy. Not only does it release the sweet tingles in your brain, a calming human voice can psychologically induce a feeling of security and comfort.

Binaural ASMR

Most of the more popular ASMR artists record their videos using two separate microphones to create binaural (=relating to or involving both ears) audio tracks. The microphones are typically placed quite close to one another to simulate them each being an ear of the listener. When the audio is recorded like this, you can hear from which direction the sound is coming. If you close your eyes, this binaural effect can make it feel like the ASMR artist is right there in the same room with you whispering into your ears. This effect alone can trigger a mesmerizing state of calmness.

ASMR whispering videos

Below you’ll find some examples of top notch ASMR whispering videos. If you’re new to the relaxing world of ASMR or just looking for new favorites, try them out!

Gibi ASMR: [Binaural ASMR] Close Whispering – Just Talking 🙂

Rose ASMR: Super Slow Tingly Whispers w/ Rode Mics

ASMR Darling: ASMR Ear to Ear Whispering + Intense Mouth Sounds

FrivolousFox ASMR: ASMR Inaudible/Unintelligible Whispers & Gentle Brushing ~

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