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ASMR Roleplay is a bit different from the other ASMR forms discussed here. Take a look what we mean by ASMR roleplay!

ASMR Roleplay - Isn't all ASMR roleplay?

Arguably, all ASMR is roleplay. When an ASMRtist starts his or her show, they take on the role of well… an ASMRtist. For example, in ASMR haircut videos or ASMR doctor videos, the performers take on a clear role where you are the recipient of a service, thus making you more keen to ASMR-triggers learnt from past experiences. These are clear-cut examples of ASMR roleplay. However, in a more precise sense of the term roleplay there are people who take on certain characters, for example mythical creatures or characters from video games. In this article, we will focus more on these ‘exact roleplayers’, that do not take a generic role but a more specific one.

Classical roleplay - mythical creatures and ASMR

In folklore, there are tons of interesting characters that could be portrayed in ASMR roleplay. Mythical characters often have superhuman qualities, that make mere mortals weak at the knee. Therefore, it is an excellent starting point for a fantasy ASMR setting, where you are in a lower power position and a perfect subject for ASMR tingles!

Our featured ASMR roleplayer is ASMR Glow in her portrayal of Medusa. She is the snake-haired Gorgon of the ancient Greek folklore. In this particular setting, she has captured you and keeps you as a prisoner; her interrogation is an ideal setting to get some ASMR vibes. In the mythology, Medusa’s wicked gaze turns you to stone: In this case, Medusa’s soft voice just makes you fall asleep. Better that than petrification!

ASMR Glow: ASMR Medusa Catches You

Movie ASMR - roleplaying in beloved fantasy universes

Movies and books are an interesting ASMR-niche. First, let’s take a look at Gibi who does an impression of a Gringotts bank officer in the Harry Potter universe. You are set as a new customer of the bank in this roleplay, and Gibi signs you up as the bank’s client and introduces you to the bank and how it functions.

Gibi has a variety of different videos set in the Harry Potter universe. She also plays a first point of contact in a scenario where you are introduced to different houses in Hogwarts. She has a video on all the four houses, Gryffindor, HufflepuffRavenclaw and Slytherin. It looks like she’s very into Harry Potter!

Gibi ASMR: [ASMR] Welcome to the Magical Gringotts Bank! [English-Type Accent]

You must be the Dragonborn! - Video game ASMR

There are ASMRtists out there who take on characters from video games for your ASMR pleasure. For example, Soft Serenity ASMR is a Skyrim-enthusiast and the featured ASMR-piece is situated in an inn of sorts where your traveling companion addresses your wounds and creates magical potions in order to keep you in one piece. These kind of ASMR-videos are very different from your generic ASMR-roleplay, and are created to a very specific type of audience. We strongly encourage you to try them out and see if this kind of ASMR suits you.

In this article, we featured different types of ASMR roleplay. We hope you found some good tingles from our top picks!

Soft Serenity ASMR: “You Must Be The Dragonborn…” – An ASMR Skyrim Role Play

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