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ASMR and sounds of nature share a deep connection. When rain hits on different surfaces and objects, ASMR sensations are bound to be experienced. Especially rain hitting on metal roofing produces an ASMR effect on many. Scroll down for our top video suggestions!

ASMR Rain on Metal Roof - naturally soothing sounds

There is a primal sense of calm when it comes to listening to rain fall and knowing that you’re inside, dry and warm. It is natural for us to feel an inner warmth that makes us feel safe, which paves way for ASMR sensations when it comes to listening to the sounds outside when the weather is atrocious. We tend to connotate different materials with different sensations, and connecting the roof type that you’re used to rainfall enhances the effect of safety. Furthermore, hard materials such as tin roofing or metal roofing in general tend to make ASMR experiences easier, since the sound is much louder than it is, for example, with a brick roof. Here, try it out!

Why does rain sound so soothing?

In relation to for example ASMR Doctor or ASMR Roleplay, ASMR rain on metal roof or on various other surfaces is a much more passive experience. You are not addressed to directly, and the mechanism which triggers your ASMR is not a social role of a patient or a companion, but that of a passive agent enjoying wonders of the nature. Some researchers in the field of psychology claim that rainfall sounds are akin to white noise, which provides our brains with sensory input which during cloudy days is missing while staying indoors. Also, people who suffers from anxiety say that the sounds of precipitation make them feel more motivated and less anxious. ASMR rain sounds can also help you relax when you’re going to sleep and alleviate the effects of tinnitus, due to white noise generation. If you wish to read more on the mechanics on how ASMR works, please head over to our article ASMR definition about the phenomenon in general!

If that video above didn’t quite cut it for you, try another one. In this video, there is also added thunder to the mix, which can work for some people. Have some good ASMR sensations and relax!

Rain ASMR even closer to nature

Let’s explore one more type of rain ASMR. In the previous picks the listener has been placed indoors to listen to sounds of rain from a comfortable, dry and warm position. Next, let’s picture ourselves in a temporary shelter, a tent of sorts while we’re camped in the middle of a forest in early fall. Close to us runs a narrow country road which has fallen into disuse, and is filled with dead foliage. You’re turning in for the night, and you can hear the rain starting to fall. As you climb in to your sleeping bag, this is the soothing sound that the rain falling on the leaves on the road makes:

Awesome, isn’t it? In any case, this concludes our review of rain ASMR for today. We hope that you have an ASMRtastic day! Please feel free to browse our other featured ASMR videos, just in case these did not work out for you or if you’d like to broaden your horizons!

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