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ASMR guided relaxation and -guided meditation are a combination of relaxation or meditation exercises and ASMR. We’re talking about two birds one stone kind of a deal, which can be an ultimate source of relaxation!

Guided meditation fueled with ASMR

You may have familiarized yourself with guided meditation or guided relaxation exercises in yoga class or maybe at school in gym class, and you know they can make you feel very relaxed both physically and mentally. Now add a hint of ASMR magic into the mix and you might not even make it halfway through a 15 minute video without falling asleep. Sounds awesome, right?

What is guided meditation?

Guided meditation is meditation led by someone, in person or with a video or just audio. Usually for people who are new to meditation it is recommended to have an expert teaching at least the basics of meditation practice. When learning any new skill having a real expert teach you will make the difference between learning and mere frustration. Now the same thing of course also applies for relaxation, which really is a skill you can learn, just like meditation is. One could argue the two are even the same thing, at least they are somewhat overlapped.

In guided meditation or relaxation a teacher or a narrator guides you in applying specific techniques and explains how the mind will likely behave during the session. Not only are these techniques and their sequence a key to relaxation themselves, but the narrative itself may help you focus and relax better as you can simply listen and follow instructions instead of having your mind wander off as you’re figuring out what to do next.

ASMR guided relaxation & meditation

When one narrates a session of guided meditation or guided relaxation and does it whispering close to a binaural microphone set, we’re stepping on the territory of ASMR guided meditation. Throw in some microphone scratches, mouth sounds, tapping sounds or even visual triggers and, voilà, the concoction is ready.

Combining ASMR with guided relaxation and guided meditation is not a new phenomenon, and it is quite an obvious one, though still it remains more niche than pop. Different ASMRtists make mixtures of varying proportions, i.e. some performances are ASMR with just a touch of guided relaxation while others may be the other way around or somewhere in between. In the examples below TingleBelle’s take on ASMR guided relaxation is more guided relaxation than ASMR and Catplant’s performance represents more the other end of things.

This amalgamation of two powerful tools of relaxation is a seriously comprehensive way to unwind and fall asleep. Will it work for you? Have a look at our cherry picked examples below and decide for yourself!

ASMR guided meditation videos

Below you’ll find examples of some of the most popular ASMR guided meditation and relaxation videos on Youtube. So cozy up in a comfy spot where you can take a moment just for yourself without fear of disruption and see how ASMR guided meditation works for you!

TingleBelleASMR: ASMR Close Whisper Guided Sleep / Muscle Relaxation (with countdown)

Catplant ASMR: ASMR – SOFT Mic Brushing + Guided Meditation (💞 u!!)

Gibi ASMR: [ASMR] Soft Relaxation/Meditation for Easy Sleep

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