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Most people around the world love dogs for their unconditional companionship, loyalty and unparalleled furry cuteness. But wait, what does this have to do with ASMR? A dog as an ASMRtist? Yes, we’ve got you covered!

ASMR with dogs

Just like most ASMR genres, dog ASMR comes in many different forms. You’ve got the dog as the ASMRtist, dogs on the background as props, the dog as a cute furry assistant, ASMR for dogs, and there’s even ASMR where people actually roleplay a dog.

Many ASMR dog videos revolve around caring for the doggo, but you’ll find most often they are videos of dogs eating different foods, either next to a microphone or licking it straight off one. So much like eating sounds ASMR, but with a twist on paws. If you like dogs and you like ASMR, this might be the thing for you!

Dog is the ASMRtist

When we say a dog is an ASMRtist, we of course don’t mean the dogs themselves setup the audio equipment and lights, handle the camera and post-production or post the videos on social media. There is obviously a human hand at play, in most videos also visibly as they hand out food for their doggy to eat. But be that as it may, the dog is still the real star of the show.

The videos that fall to this category of ASMR are mostly eating videos. So if you dislike them, as some people do, this might not be your cup of tea, despite all the visual cuteness of a puppy having a blast with loads of food. If however eating sounds are your thing, you should definitely give this a go. A fine example of this ASMR style for you right below!

My Mountain Husky: ASMR Dog Reviewing Exotic Fruits!

ASMR with a dog assistant

In addition to ASMR performances by dogs, you can also find some assisted by a dog. These types of ASMR videos are often about petting and caring for a dog, sometimes with also veterinarian roleplay. If you have a fondness for dogs and doctor ASMR is something that does the trick for you or brushing sounds trigger your tingles, try out for example the video below by WhispersRed ASMR.

WhispersRed ASMR: 🐾 ASMR Veterinary Checkup 🐾 Brushing, Massage, Typing / Charity Video

More dog ASMR videos

Below you’ll find some more cherry picked ASMR videos featuring awesome cute doggos. And if that gets you hooked, check out the Youtube channels of the artists featured in this article.

TheOdd2sOut: Cute Doggo Licking Your Ear ASMR

Rosanna Pansino: My Dog Eats Everything! ASMR

My Mountain Husky: ASMR Dog Teaches Best Friend How To ASMR!

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