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The doctor is in! ASMR doctor videos can be found all over the Internet. Below is our review of the current hot stuff when it comes to ASMR doctoring.

An immersive ASMR experience at the clinic

ASMR doctor videos have similarities to ASMR haircut videos. The setting is similar: You are addressed to in an intimate situation, where touching is normally present as well. Like the barber’s scissors, so does the doctor’s instrument when seen and hear instil intimate feelings in the viewer. An interesting difference, however, is that at a doctor’s appointment there is a feeling and a sense of authority, where the doctor is in control and the patient is the object of interaction. This also plays nicely in to the ASMR mood creation, where you experience and feel what others do to you. It further distances you from being an active agent to a more passive role, which makes relaxation faster and the immersion more complete. But enough of that. Next, let’s see what kind of ASMR doctors there are in the wide world of binaural pleasures.

Doctors of the ASMR realm

For example, the ASMR artist Tingting in her featured videos roleplays a dermatologist. She implies a lot of touching and she addresses you to directly in your ear. There is a lot of face touching and a bunch of different treatments and acne extraction in her videos. She also does lice examinations and other school nurse roleplays. Go and try the videos out, and do try the others as well since she has a ton of quality content in other styles of ASMR as well.

What kind of other doctors there are then, one might ask. ASMR Darling has a more… mundane approach to practicing clinical ASMR roleplays. One of her top featured videos is about a yearly checkup at the doctor. How exciting! In this video she does the full routine, starting from blood pressure and ending with examining your hands and arms.

A more bizarre and perhaps even frightening facet of Hippocratic ASMR is dentistry. In this featured video by sabrinavaz1, you are sat on the dentist’s chair to get your teeth cleaned. At least for some, this type of ASMR is not very suitable since dentophobia (fear of dentists or dentistry) is common due to pain caused by visiting one. However, if you do not have such a phobia you will have a great time and feelings watching the aforementioned video!

All of the above mentioned ASMRtists do various different ASMR videos in addition to doctor videos. However, because of their experience and high-quality videos in the Doctor genre, they were chosen as the top picks for this article. 

It seems that there is an ASMRtist for all the niches, ranging from doctors to slimers to barbers. It is an ever-evolving field of art and pleasure, that will be very interesting to follow in the near future.

ASMR doctor videos

Tingting ASMR: [ASMR] Doctor Deep Skin Cleaning Treatment

ASMR Darling: ASMR Doctor Roleplay – Yearly Exam

sabrinavaz1: ASMR 🦷 Dentist Role Play – Teeth Cleaning

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