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ASMR videos come in at least as many forms as there are ASMR artists, or even more, as many ASMRtists tend to produce a dazzling variety of videos to calm and relax their fans and fans-to-be. We have compiled a list of some of the most popular types of ASMR videos and we hope it will help you learn more about ASMR or discover new triggers for your tingles. Explore our list below!

Different forms of ASMR

Probably the most commonly used trigger, present in almost every ASMR video, is gentle and calm whispering. Come take a look at our top picks!

Satisfying ASMR slime videos

One of the more bizarre offshoots of the ASMR family are slime related videos. That’s right, slime! People get an ASMR reaction from watching an entertainer playing with… goo. Why not indulge yourself in this weird little pleasure!

ASMR haircut videos for you

ASMR haircut is one of the most popular forms of ASMR roleplay. It is a mixed bag of binaural sounds and immersion — letting yourself feel the barber’s hands working on your hair. Click here for more!

ASMR doctor videos can be found all over the Internet. Click above for our review of the current hot stuff when it comes to ASMR doctoring!

Arguably, all ASMR is roleplay, but in a more precise sense of the term ‘roleplay’ some ASMRtists take on certain characters, for example mythical creatures or characters from video games…

Narrated sessions of guided meditation or guided relaxation in an ASMR Style. A combination of two powerful tools for ultimate relaxation and sleep!

ASMR and sounds of nature share a deep connection. When rain hits on different surfaces and objects, ASMR sensations are bound to be experienced!

Around the world, dogs are loved for their unconditional companionship, loyalty and unparalleled furry cuteness. But what does this have to do with ASMR? A dog as an ASMRtist?