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ASMR Statistics - How did ASMR start?

When did The first ever ASMR Video come out? When did ASMR start? There is no definitive answer when did the first ASMR video came out, but definitely one of the first came out as early as March 2009. A YouTuber named WhisperingLife ASMR published a very basic form of ASMR video, and probably had no idea that they were in the forefront of a new phenomenon. It has to be stated, though, that there are earlier ‘whispering videos’, but it seems that he was at least among the first to create a dedicated channel to ASMR-style whispering.

But, WhisperingLife did not have the term in ASMR in their name back then. This really sparked our interest – when was the term really established? We wanted hard data to get an answer once and for all. We gathered this data from Google Trends and decided to present it to you in an interactive chart.

Source: Google Trends (

It seems that indeed 4/09 there is a veeeery small bump in the chart ie. there were some ASMR searches way back then. Then, it seems to have kinda disappeared until 2011, when it started – slowly but surely – to really pick up.

So, we can say that the term was established around 2009, but the term really catched up 2011 onwards and peaked in 2019, after which the trend has gone down a bit after a quick resurface in May 2020. It might be that people sought calming sounds and videos after the pandemic started, and thus turned towards ASMR.

It is really interesting how ASMR has evolved quickly over the last decade. It’s also hard to guess what’s next in storage in the world of ASMR. Is ASMR going to break up to sub-genres, or has that already happened? Is there going to be a related phenomenon, that derives itself from ASMR? Who knows!

By the way, if you’re interested in more ASMR related statistics, head on over to our Top ASMR Artists -page, which has an up-to-date tracker of the most popular ASMRtists in the form of a cool interactive chart! Also below you can explore top trending ASMR related online search queries in the world!

Top searched ASMR queries Worldwide in the last 7 days

Source: Google Trends (

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