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Can ASMR help with tinnitus?

Let’s begin by addressing an an important question first. Can ASMR cause tinnitus by itself? No, it absolutely cannot, unless you listen to it at an unreasonable volume – which again you should never do to begin with. ASMR is never about loud sounds or noises. Never listen to anything on with loud volume, especially with headphones (which you will need to enjoy ASMR properly). If you are thinking what is the cause of your tinnitus, you should consult a medical professional or start by learning about the most common causes of tinnitus.

Also it has to be stated that ASMR does not cure tinnitus by itself, but the mechanism which it helps your tinnitus problem is simple: Soothing, relaxing sounds take your mind off of tinnitus, and places you in a calm, soothing spot. It really does help, for example, to listen to ASMR to fall asleep. 

Tinnitus relief YouTube ASMR -videos

Let’s go through some videos so you can test it yourself whether it helps you. First, let’s try a white noise; it can trigger ASMR as well as mask tinnitus efficiently from the get-go, so it is a nice place to get some ASMR tinnitus relief. However, a quick word of warning: A recent study indicates that white noise may have, in long-term, tinnitus enhancing effects. You should proceed with caution, and only use these masking sounds for a brief amount of time. Shortly put, the hypothesis is that our brains’ plasticity is prone to maladaptive changes, and if it is persistently bombarded with white noise it may worsen tinnitus.

Next, let’s try a different kind of tinnitus relief ASMR video. In this video, Dr. T. who is a famous ASMR-artist, crinkles some leaves up close to a microphone, which is more “traditional” when it comes to ASMR; ASMR often incorporates people interacting with objects, people or animals up close to a microphone.

Try these in different settings. They might either help you fall asleep or to focus on an important task, keeping your tinnitus at bay. Tinnitus is something that once you get it, it can be really, really frustrating and life-complicating: It really is worth the shot to try ASMR as a relief for tinnitus, it doesn’t cost you anything but it might improve quality of life drastically.


Shortly, yes ASMR can possibly help you with your tinnitus. However, you should not listen to these for too long or at too high volume. Try them out at see if they work for you!

If these videos did not quite cut it for you, go ahead and try different ASMR-videos. Perhaps the best bet is to try ASMR whispering or ASMR haircut, as the sounds and noises are quite consistent and low in volume; you don’t need to make out what the person is saying or see what’s happening on the video, you can just throw yourself in the world of ASMR and go with the mental flow with just the sounds.

If this article got you interested in ASMR, and you’d like to know more please head onto our definition of ASMR -article, which will surely help you to learn more and perhaps gain additional ideas how ASMR could help you with your tinnitus and more. We really hope you got some relief for your tinnitus by listening and watching our hand-picked examples! Have you got a story to share about your experiences with ASMR and tinnitus, or if you’d like to leave us any feedback or comments please be sure to do so below!

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11 months ago

Very nice article, never thought that ASMR could help with my tinnitus. I’m a bit skeptical though, but gotta give it a go!