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Tingles is an ASMR app that was gaining traction big time. However, they made very controversial decisions, which led to diminished growth. Read more below!

Tingles app - What is Tingles App?

Tingles app is a video-player app designed solely for ASMR. Ideally, the product could be described as YouTube for ASMR. There was a need for such a program, since ASMR is quite a branched out niche, which benefits from having a software designed around it. It used to feature thousands if not hundred of thousands of ASMR videos. Suddenly, the app lost the vast majority of its videos and only some remained. Next, let’s see what really happened.


Tingles app controversy - what happened?

Tingles app is still around, but its popularity has plummeted. At the time of writing, it has an abysmal 1.4/5 rating on the Google Play Store with 19408 total reviews. It used to be a liked app, but then a series of controversial decisions made the users & content creators turn against the app. But what exactly happened?

Instead of linking to content made by the content creators, the publishers started to embed the videos of the artists to their app, and disabled ads on them thus declining content creators their advertising revenue. Furthermore, ASMR Artist Ancient Whispers claimed that they were using her content without permission. It is said there were numerous ASMR artists who were included in the app without being partnered & thus denied their revenue. Ouch!


Tingles app in 2020

Though it has had it fair share of controversy, Tingles app is still in the game. Some time after the artist scandal, Tingles hit another landmine. They decided to add  expensive micro-transactions in the app. You have to pay for basically anything in the app, starting from the past videos that you’ve saved. There is but a few free videos left in the app. If you do not pay, this app is but a shadow of its former self.

It seems that the artists’ backlash hit the app hard, and they had to come up with a new way of monetizing the app. This, in turn, crashed the overall usability of the app; who wants to pay for a video they can look up for free in YouTube? On top of that, with YouTube Premium you can skip the ads, thus making this app a bit obsolete.

Summa summarum - Should I Tingles App?

The idea behind this app is brilliant. However, due to its small catalogue & numerous micro-transactions, the app is nigh unusable. We wouldn’t suggest using the app in its current state.


ASMR State Score:

Cool concept that has crashed hard.

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