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ASMR Slicing review - Simple ASMR mobile game

ASMR Slicing is an ASMR is a game that features cutting kinetic sand with various instruments with ASMR audio. Normally, ASMR is something that you do as a passive listener, not as an active player. In this game, you cut different shapes made out of kinetic sand, and you get an ever-satisfying sound while doing it. In all it’s simplicity, ASMR Slicing is a satisfying game although after some time, it can get repetitive. In the game, there are also long-term goals such as collecting different knives which you use to cut the kinetic sand objects. Have a look below how the game works!


Positives and Negatives of ASMR Slicing

The single most biggest critique towards this game is the number of in-game ads that are played. Ads are played every couple levels, which can get really annoying if you’re in it for the ASMR experience. However, there is a workaround to displaying advertisements. If you put your phone in airplane mode the game does not load any of the ads. If you do not do this, you will spend as much time watching ads as you spend playing the game. 

Also, the game is extremely simple. The only thing you do is you cut different objects with the game end-goal in mind; cutting the object with the 100% same sound effect every cut. There should be some variance with the game’s sound design. Another negative thing about the sound design is the sound of the menus; you get a nice ASMR soundflow while cutting, but it is interrupted by the annoying bleeps of the menu. Lastly, You cannot stop the cut mid-cutting; once you start the game forces you to commit to the cut until it is done which is a pity. This is something that the developer’s hopefully work on in the future, so we can get a more satisfying experience.

However, with all the negatives ASMR Slicing provides fun for some time, and it is good for relaxation since you really cannot fail in the game. If the game would have some more features, it would be a lot better.


Summa summarum - Should I get the game?

In it’s current state, the game is extremely simple yet there is some primitive charm to it once you cut out the ads. You can give it a shot if you think it suits your needs, but as stated before – This game can be fun for some limited time, but do not expect a complex masterpiece.


ASMR State Score:

Advertisement-heavy, simple but has a primitive charm to it.

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